One of the main principle of GESTOR A.Ş. is to carry out all the necessary activities to meet occupational health and safety requirements for its employees and make all OHS tools and equipment available and the company believes in “first safety ” principle in Occupational Health and Safety. All employees must always comply with occupational health and safety rules in order to implement this principle. Because no work is important and urgent enough to put our employees’ safety and health in danger.

GESTOR A.Ş. has committed to comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislations (laws, codes, by-laws, decrees and regulations) in Turkey and in other countries the company has operations, international conventions, and all agreements and contracts the company is a party to.

GESTOR A.Ş. priority goal is to eliminate any potential accident at its source to minimize accidents and work to prevent occupational illnesses.

GESTOR A.Ş. will continue to improve all processes in OHS activities to minimize all potential hazards.